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Unusual working method for extraordinary instruments

When I copy an old master instrument, I want to get as close to the sound of the original as possible, and I use an extraordinary technique. As with the construction of a cathedral, the interior is first planned. That is, one begins with the design of the inner vault. The plate thicknesses are then placed on the outside. In this construction, a small pear tree nail, the “Central Pin” anchored in the sound center (focus) of the back.

Construction of the frame

The ribs are made according to the Italian method on the inner mold with dull in the corners running linings.

Varnishing according to Italian model

The instruments are varnished with a rather thin and soft oil varnish – colored with madder pigments on a golden-brown ground. I make the varnish myself according to my own recipe.

Master instruments made from the finest woods

In the workshop of Konrad Kohlert all instruments are built by hand – down to the smallest detail. With experience, perseverance, dedication and a lot of sensitivity, master instruments with extraordinary sound and playing characteristics are created. Of exquisite beauty.

A magical moment: The rubbing of the color pigments for varnishing on a glass plate.

Balance of purposes and aesthetics: The purfling is incorporated into the trench of the back.

A masterpiece is created: The ribs are ready to glue on the back.