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Konrad Kohlert – Education and Career

I was born in Hagenau in 1957. As the son of an Instrument maker, I discovered my love to this profession early on. Already at the age of 12 I carved my first violin scrolls under the guidance of my father.

At the age of fifteen, I began my training with violin maker Ernst-Heinrich Roth from Bubenreuth and at the violin making scool in Mittenwald. After completing my education in 1976 I was working a couple of years in my father´s workshop. In 1987 I submitted my masters degree in Nuremberg. Since then I am self-employed and run a small workshop in the village of Poxdorf near Forchheim. I am a member of the Streich- und Zupfinstrumentenmacher-Innung Erlangen and also a member of the Verband deutscher Geigenbauer.

My main focus is the construction of master violins after Joseph Guarnerius del Gesú and Antonius Stradivarius. Also I´m making violins after models of Gagliano and Baroque violins after Amati. Violas and Cellos according to different models.

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