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Committed to the mysterium Stradivari

Sensivity and judgement: The interior curvature of the top plate is formed under the hands of the master.

Konrad Kohlert Geigenbaumeister

Producing sounding masterpieces of the highest quality requires more than exquisite materials and profound craftmanship.

In addition, it ultimately decides whether to succeed in understanding the principles of the ancient Cremonese masters. Individually – creative and, above all, skillfully crafted.

Fascinated by Stradivari`s Genius, Konrad Kohlert devotes himself to building bridges with each new instrument, at the end of which custom-made instruments are passed on to artists all over the world.


Unmistakable down to the finest detail: The momentum of the scroll determines the balance of the instrument.

A life for the ideal sound.

Based in Bavaria, the master violin maker Konrad Kohlert lives and works in the tradition of the old Cremona masters.

Violins, violas and cellos have been produced in his workshop since 1987, and are valued worldwide for their sound and craftmanship.

In the instruments of Konrad Kohlert, the genuine bridging between the spirit of the historical masterpieces and the expectations of the performing musicians on a contemporary musical instrument succeeds unmistakably.